Sharon Waxman, CEO and Editor in Chief, is an award-winning journalist, best-selling author and the founder of TheWrap. A leading authority on the entertainment business and media, Waxman was the Hollywood correspondent for The New York Times and a correspondent for eight years for The Washington Post. She started out as a foreign correspondent, covering Europe and the Middle East for a decade. She is the author of two books, including, “Rebels on the Backlot: Six Maverick Directors and How They Conquered the Hollywood Studio System.” She can be reached at

Alan Citron, General Manager, is a veteran Internet executive who was instrumental in the launches of successful web sites such as TMZ and Ticketmaster Online. He comes to The Wrap from Yahoo, where he was business lead for entertainment. Previously, Citron served as president of Buzz Media, general manager of TMZ, SVP of marketing at Movielink, president of USA Networks Interactive and president of new media at Ticketmaster Entertainment.  He’s reachable at

Caren Gibbens, Vice President, Entertainment Sales, is a seasoned sales executive who has grown TheWrap’s sales department for four years. She previously was at the Los Angeles Times where she was an Advertising Manager responsible for sales in the Live Entertainment and Media category.  You’ll find her at

Ada Guerin, Creative Director, is an award-winning designer and entertainment veteran. She spent 14 years at The Hollywood Reporter as design director and associate art director. She was responsible for multifaceted design of weekly magazine and was integral member of 2010 team who rebranded and relaunched Hollywood Reporter from a daily trade to weekly glossy magazine, winning an SPD award for feature design.  She’s reachable at


Tim Molloy is the Executive Editor of TheWrap. He previously served in senior roles at, Frontline, TV Guide and the Associated Press. And he was TheWrap’s first TV editor. He can be reached at

Thom Geier is the Managing Editor of TheWrap. He previously served as a senior editor at Entertainment Weekly for a dozen years, overseeing film and Oscar coverage among other areas of expertise. He was a news editor there and before that a film reporter at The Hollywood Reporter. He is reachable at

Greg Gilman, Morning Editor, first joined TheWrap in 2012 as blogger/reporter after two years of wandering through Hollywood as an uncredited celebrity gossip blogger (not that he particularly wanted the recognition).  He can be reached at

Tim Kenneally, Pop Culture Editor, was recently promoted after having served as TV reporter for several years at TheWrap. He’s a former editor for, Men’s Edge and Hustler. In his off time, he enjoys curling up with a mug of hot cocoa, his DVD box set of “Antiques Roadshow” and his pet tabby, Mr. Snugglesworth.  Tim can be reached at

Debbie Emery, News Editor, joined TheWrap in 2014 after working at InTouch, RadarOnline and The Hollywood Reporter. She can be reached at

Jordan Burchette, News Editordazzled the masses as a top editor at sites like, and before embarking on a life of leisure and recreational crime fighting. After avoiding a life of communist oppression by being born in the U.S. to parents whose ancestry were never actually subject to communist rule, Jordan devoted himself to the written, spoken and, during the occasional shower, harmonized word. He has reported for Premiere, Popular Science, Parade Publications, Thrillist, TruTV and the AOL Network. He can be reached at: or on Twitter @jordanburchette.

Rosemary Rossi, Weekend Editor, can be reached at


Steve Pond, Awards Editor and Columnist, joined TheWrap to lead its awards season coverage, and stayed on. His column is an informed, bemused, skeptical and authoritative look at all aspects of the Academy Awards race, from the campaigns to the halls of AMPAS to the movies that it’s all supposed to be honoring. A former L.A. Times reporter, Pond is also author of the L.A. Times bestseller “The Big Show,” and has been covering this particular circus for more than two decades, much of that time as the only reporter with full backstage and rehearsal access to the Oscar show. He can be reached at

Alonso Duralde, Reviews Editor, has written about film for Movieline, Salon, He also co-hosts the Linoleum Knife podcast and regularly appears on What the Flick?! (The Young Turks Network). He is a senior Programmer for the Outfest Film Festival in Los Angeles and a pre-screener for the Sundance Film Festival, as well as a consultant for the USA Film Festival/Dallas, where he spent five years as artistic director.

Meriah Doty, Reporter, joined TheWrap in 2016. She had served as movies coverage editor for Yahoo in the L.A. office and covered everything from the Oscars to Comic-Con. She previously worked for CNN,, Buzz Media and She can be reached at

Matt Pressberg, Reporter, joined TheWrap in 2016 after serving as the L.A. correspondent for IBT Media covering the business of Hollywood. He previously served as managing editor of the Los Angeles Business Journal and editor-at-large at Neon Tommy. He also worked four years as an anlyst at SPB Partners. He can be reached at

Umberto Gonzalez, Reporter, joined TheWrap in 2016. He’s the founder of and covers deals, casting and development. He can be reached at


Scott Collins, TV Editor, spent 12 years as a staff writer at the Los Angeles Times, covering the TV business and programming as well as contributing to the popular ShowTracker blog. He previously served as TV editor at The Hollywood Reporter and contributing editor at Brill’s Content. He can be reached at

Tony Maglio, Reporter, came to TheWrap after completing his master’s degree at the Columbia School of Journalism. Previously, Tony was a freelance entertainment, sports, joke and political writer. In another lifetime that he’d like to forget, Tony was an accounting/finance professional. He has the M.B.A. to prove it — but not the savings account balance. Reach Tony at or on Twitter: @anthonymaglio.

Linda Ge, Reporter, previously wrote for and founded in 2010. She studied Film & Digital Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz and has worked in the film industry in various capacities. You can find more of her random ramblings, 140 characters at a time, on Twitter at @lindazge. She can be reached at



Matt Donnelly, Senior Entertainment Reporter, was one of the founding writers on the Los Angeles Times celebrity blog “Ministry of Gossip,” eventually crossing over to contribute news and lifestyle content to the newspaper’s Calendar section. His work has appeared in InStyle magazine, Yahoo Celebrity, E! News and E! Online and the New York Post. A fan of creative people and cocktail attire, he thrives in his natural habitat: the entertainment industry. He can be reached at or on Twitter: @mattdonnelly.

Itay Hod, Senior Entertainment Reporter, has previously worked for TMZ, CBS News, MTV’s Logo and NY1 News. Hod was a frequent contributor to The Daily Beast, Salon, Out Magazines and the Albany Times Union. He began his career as an on-air TV correspondent for WENY-TV in upstate New York. Previously, he won a National Headliner Award for producing and writing MSNBC’s “Ashleigh Banfield: On Location.” He can be reached at or on Twitter: @itayhod.

Brian Flood, Media Reporter, leads TheWrap’s coverage of media. He previously held a similar position at Adweek, where he was editor of Adweek’s TVNewser blog. Before returning to journalism, Brian spent six years as one of Roger Goodell’s henchman at the NFL League Office. He promises none of his work negatively impacted your favorite team. He has also written for CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated and a variety of fantasy sports publications. Brian can be reached at or on Twitter @briansflood

Joe Otterson, Reporter, joined TheWrap from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. After two years working for a non-profit TV station, he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of living and working in Hollywood. He currently binge watches “Game of Thrones,” “Walking Dead,” and “House of Cards.” And while he enjoys movies of all genres, no one can ever touch the genius that is Mel Brooks. He can be reached at

Beatrice Verhoeven, Reporter, joined TheWrap in 2015 after completing a Master’s degree in journalism from University of Southern California. She is originally from Germany and has lived in Los Angeles since 2009. Beatrice has worked for The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Seacrest Productions, Who What Wear and Los Angeles Magazine. She watches “Game of Thrones” and “How to Get Away With Murder” religiously. Movies ranging from chick flicks to psychological thrillers are her thing. Follow her on Twitter @bverhoev. She can be reached at

Reid Nakamura, Reporter, joined TheWrap in 2015. He can be reached at


Mikey Glazer, The Party Report Columnist, has been covering events since his kindergarten’s Valentine’s Day cookie party, graduating to the Hollywood party circuit. He has contributed from behind the velvet rope for, US Weekly and  Southwestern Law School’s entertainment law site. He created the popular live celebrity sightings feed, @CelebSightings. Please send invitations here.

Pamela Chelin covers the legal beat for TheWrap.


Nicole Winters, Director of Sales, comes to TheWrap from the Los Angeles Times where she recently was promoted to the film/television team after growing the live entertainment category, which included the launch of new digital products into marketplace.  She previously worked at Fox Sports Network in cable advertising. She is reachable at

Mattie Reyes, Sr. Account Director, comes to the TheWrap after a steady career at startups. She has a history of developing multi-platform advertising solutions from the ground up and has 10 years of digital sales experience. She has previously worked at Forbes Media, The Daily Dot and NCM Digital. She can be reached at

Brit Lawrence, Advertising Operations Manager. She spent two years at The Hollywood Reporter in their New York office supporting the TV Ad Sales team. She is reachable at

Kathy Selim, Events Manager, joins TheWrap from a boutique event planning and marketing company where she organized original activations, ran festivals and other entertainment-related events. She can be reached at

Trevor Tivenan, Special Projects and Distribution Manager, comes to TheWrap after graduating with a BFA degree in Creative Producing and minor in LGBT Studies from Chapman University. He previously interned at Participant Media in the Social Action Department. He can be reached at